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Funding Solutions for Businesses and Development Projects -
Working with a wide range of lending partners, our strengths are in developing bespoke funding solutions for our clients.

Brain Advisory Partners is founded on one simple concept:
To support our customers access the fragmented debt markets & secure appropriate funding solutions to finance their growth ambitions.

Since the financial crisis, many of the traditional sources of funding have significantly reduced their lending capacity. Creating a notable change in the debt markets, funding provided by alternative sources outside of those traditional channels is an increasing reliable alternative source of funding for businesses.

At Brain Advisory Partners, we provide independent advice to support our clients secure the funding they seek to support their growth ambitions and have successfully advised to companies internationally across a wide range of sectors to secure growth capital.

Sourcing, Structuring and Securing Funding for growing businesses.

Financing growth

Our Approach

The process of engaging with the private debt market differs from the traditional sectors. Our strengths are with constructing bespoke and blended solutions to best meet the needs of our borrowing clients.

We do not directly represent any investment or financing institution.  This independence ensures we recommend the best options for you, with an approach to securing funding that precisely matches your objectives.

The increase in private debt, often referred as “alternative finance” or “direct lending”, has transformed how small and medium sized businesses finance their growth, and is beginning to impact on how larger firms finance their working capital.  The sheer range of providers and instruments is often confusing and challenging.

We will work closely with you, adopting a structured approach to review your options, position your requirements to the financial markets and assist you secure the necessary funding.


All businesses have their individual requirements and unique situations. We are highly attentive to gain a comprehensive understanding of the company and to assist the business develop its funding needs.

Our partners have all enjoyed corporate careers in successful multinational’s, investment banking and private markets and have gone on to establish excellent reputations as independent business advisors. Supporting stakeholders to develop their companies, we are committed and ambitious entrepreneurs who understand the needs of your business and are eager assist you develop even greater success.
Paul Sheppard
Paul Sheppard
Founding Partner
Having spend much of his career running businesses internationally, both his own and for other people, he has shifted his attention to helping business leaders to finance their growth ambitions. If Paul believes in you and your company, he will support you resolutely at all times, providing stakeholders’ with the confidence to focus on leading their business and to building something big.
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson
Senior Partner
A senior banking Industry professional who specializes in underwriting, business development and client relationships. Alex is highly successful in developing bespoke investment and financing solutions, across a wide range of sectors.
Philipp Straehl
Philipp Straehl
Philipp is a senior executive and client advisor who has spent much of his career helping clients shape, plan and execute complex market penetration and business transformation initiatives to support their business growth..
Luca Canepa
Luca Canepa
A certified non-exec business leader and adviser, Luca has extensive international business development experience, gained whilst supporting a portfolio of companies across FMCG/Food, Retail, Luxury, Printing, Media and Entertainment, ICT and High Tech.

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